🌟 Introducing “Ladies that Launch" 🌟

We are thrilled to unveil our latest project: “Ladies that Launch" - a weekly spotlight presented by The KG Firm. 
In this series, we're turning the spotlight on local women who are taking charge, setting goals, and making their mark in their careers, homes, and communities. These are the women who inspire us with their determination, resilience, and unstoppable drive.
“Ladies that Launch" is more than just a post; it's a celebration of achievements, a tribute to ambition, and a nod to those who are reaching for the stars. Join us every week as we bring you stories that showcase the incredible journeys of women who are carving their paths and launching themselves toward success.
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🌟Spotlight: Whitney Woofter🌟

After graduating with my master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications in 2014, I spent a few years trying to find the right job that fit my career goals while also soaking in as much experience and knowledge as possible. In 2018, I was hired as the Marketing Coordinator for MVB Financial Corp. where I immediately felt like I had found a home for my career. I’ve since received two promotions and now, in my role as the Marketing Communications Manager, I get to do what I love with an incredible group of people every day.

Being a career-minded female has come with several challenges, the biggest being maintaining a balance between work and home. I’m a proud wife and mother of two amazing kiddos. Possibly the most difficult time, and most pivotal time, I’ve ever experienced as a working mother was in the early COVID days. In a matter of a few days, life shifted drastically for me. I left my office to start working remotely and replaced the roles of a daycare worker and a Kindergarten teacher as my children were sent home indefinitely. What a wild ride that was! Like many other parents, I powered through the days and cried through the nights, but I wouldn’t change that experience for anything. I grew immensely in my ability to find that delicate balance between killing it at work and at home.

At some point I must’ve thought my full plate just wasn’t full enough, so I’ve since begun working on the side as a copy-editing consultant and also started a digital design studio! When I’m not working, my favorite ways to spend my time are cheering on my son in baseball (Go RiverJaxx!), watching my daughter ride horses, gardening, attending church and occasionally, when we can sneak some alone time in, enjoying date nights with my husband.

My career, my family, my hobbies…it all brings me so much joy. It wears me out sometimes, but it brings me joy. 😊 God has surely blessed me beyond measure and I owe all my gratitude to Him. Even in the hardest moments, He is where I find my peace and the strength I need to continue living the life He intended for me.

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🌟Spotlight: Claire Watson🌟 

"I got my law degree in 2011 and initially worked as a family law attorney. Before long I took an opportunity in Martinsburg, WV, to become a law clerk for the circuit court. That then opened an opportunity to become the first law clerk for the business court division of West Virginia. I loved that job and got to really dive into complex, novel issues in WV’s business landscape with judges from all over the state. Along the way I had gotten married, had my first child, and started a hobby turned business. My days were clerking during the 9-5, photographing families and weddings on weekends, and editing after making dinner. My husband and I were ships passing in the night and I felt like I was missing out on my daughter’s childhood. I truly enjoyed my legal work and my co-workers, but it was so exciting to see my photography business grow and to have such creative control over, not just the images, but customer experience, pricing, marketing and all the fun that comes along with entrepreneurship. I didn’t want to give it up.
After crunching the numbers, my husband and I decided that if I worked as a stay-at-home parent and ran my photography business for growth, we could make it work. And, I’m proud to say, we did. My little basement-ran business was published in magazines, won awards, photographed at prestigious venues in D.C., and charged an amount that allowed me to match my income as a lawyer. More than that, my perspective of couples and their families are still used today to remember feelings of commitment and love. Along the way, Kevin and I welcomed two more beautiful children.
So when the opportunity to become a State Farm opened, I initially declined. I never saw myself following in my Mother and Grandfather’s footsteps as an agent. I figured when it was time to return to traditional work, I would go back to the law. Further, I just knew that my husband would not want to move to the small town of Weston. He’d be in downtown D.C. if I’d let him! But when I told him about the call, he surprised me and said, “I think we owe it to ourselves and our families to consider it.” We talked about it for weeks- uprooting our family and both of us leaving jobs we loved was a risk for sure. But taking over my mother’s office when she retired would get us “back home.” I decided being an insurance agent would merge my interests: analysis of business and contracts plus a love of people and a desire to strengthen families.
After a year of studying, licensing, business plans, and interviewing, I was granted a State Farm agency. I assembled a team of trusted employees that are smarter than me. They are self-starters, always looking for answers and bend over backwards for our customers. They are the best part of this job.
So much of my story is not one of grit, but rather privilege. Yes, I’ve worked hard, but I’ve had calm in which to work. I had access to education. I had a husband who supported my endeavors and was an active parent. My parents helped me set up my office and reintroduced me to my hometown. Even being able to call my parents and ask, “what would you do?” is an unbelievable grace. And maybe, most importantly, when my heart is hurt because a goal isn’t reached and I feel like a failure or an embarrassment, my family corrects and reminds me that my value is not contingent upon achievement. I am a creation of God and that, without anything else, qualifies me for love. This gives me the freedom to try again. I hope to pass down that lesson to my kids too."

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🌟Spotlight: Hannah Furby🌟

Meet the incredible Hannah Furby – a true embodiment of ambition, resilience, and grace. A mom to Wyatt, Walker & Weslee, Nurse & Entrepreneur.
In 2013, she earned her license as a Real Estate Salesperson in WV where she began at All Service Realty building her career. Hannah currently serves as the transaction coordinator for LLRG Real Estate.
 In 2016 Hannah became a Registered Nurse with her BSN, and holds certification as a Medical Surgical Registered Nurse. In 2022, she brought her dream to life with The Fruitful Market– a thriving catering business that graces business events, weddings, and more with exquisite and heartfelt home-cooking.
Hannah is a remarkable woman who manages to seamlessly blend her big career with her loving role as a mom. She’s an inspiration to us all, showing that with hard work and passion, we can nurture both our families and our dreams. 🌱💕
Join us in celebrating Hannah for our #LadiesThatLaunch campaign!