The KG Firm Team

Hi, I am Kate Garton. 

I am a proud mommy to Dillon and Zoey. I was born and raised in Horner, West Virginia, where my passion for business was instilled by my father, the founder, and President of Landmark Forestry.

I earned my bachelor's degree in Public Relations from WVU, which provided me with a solid foundation in communication and client relations. Beyond my real estate career as broker for LLRG, my husband and I are also proud entrepreneurs, owning and operating McFly Outdoors. Our outdoor retail business has grown tremendously, with brick and mortar stores across West Virginia and a flourishing e-commerce venture. Recently, I started The KG Firm, a marketing firm based in Horner, WV, with a focus on supporting small businesses.

The decision to start The KG Firm was driven by my genuine passion for helping and supporting small businesses. My own entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 when I co-founded McFly Outdoors with my family, and through that experience, I developed a deep appreciation for the challenges and triumphs that small business owners face daily. I understand the tenacity required to run a small business and I live it all daily. If you are a small business owner and your typical workday looks like this- running payroll, making sales, negotiating vendor shipping costs, making sales and oh yeah, scrubbing the toilet- I bet your marketing often is getting put on the back-burner. I’ve been there, I still have these days and I understand the overwhelm and THAT is what has fueled my desire to establish The KG Firm.

At The KG Firm, we provide strategic marketing services tailored to the unique needs of small businesses. From simple social media management packages, email-marketing, e-commerce platform build-outs, website design my team is ready to go and excited to help others. My love for the entrepreneurial spirit and attention to all the business details are the driving forces behind my dedication to supporting and championing small business owners. I believe in their potential and am committed to helping them succeed with the invaluable insights and experience I bring to my role at The KG Firm.

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Hi there, I'm Abby Davis – Your Social Media Expert!

As a skilled social media strategist and small business owner, I bring a wealth of knowledge and passion for all things digital. With a Bachelor's degree and years of experience, I excel at captivating audiences and boosting brands in the ever-changing online landscape.

Having personally experienced the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, I empathize deeply with small business owners. I tailor my strategies to suit their unique needs, working collaboratively to achieve remarkable results.

I firmly believe in the power of social media to connect people and amplify meaningful messages. My mission is to empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive in the digital realm, regardless of the competition.

Let's work together to unlock the true potential of your business in the fast-paced world of social media. 

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Hi there, I'm Micah Gregory – A Creative Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist!

As a passionate graphic designer and marketing expert with a Bachelor's degree, I have a keen eye for visual storytelling and a talent for crafting compelling marketing strategies. My work revolves around creating captivating designs and implementing effective marketing campaigns in the dynamic world of digital communication.

Attention to detail is essential, and I'm dedicated to consistently delivering outstanding results. I aim not only to meet but also to exceed expectations, making a real impact on every project.

Revamping brand identities, designing captivating visuals, and creating meaningful connections between brands and their audiences are my passion. If you're looking for a graphic design and marketing expert who brings creativity and dedication to the table, I'm here to help your brand soar to new heights.

Let's collaborate and make your business stand out in the fast-paced world of social media and marketing.

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